Future plans as of 6-10-2017

Future plans as of 6-10-2017 (european time codes)

Space Onheil or as it is called in English Space Calamity is a game which has a lot more to offer and we are trying to put in all the things we have in mind.

Our ideas (Please note that all of these ideas can possibly not make it to the final game)

  1. Better enemy AI with an actual path finding algorithem.
  2. Actually being able to save the game without it skipping some quite importand details. (Saving is already possible though, but we found one issue with it, but it shoulnd't be that big of a deal yet).
  3. Polishing the achievement section of the game.
  4. Make the enemies spawn with a difficulty curve according to your difficulty settings.
  5. Adding more options to the Free-For-All World Generation options.
  6. The possibilty of having seeds and not just random worlds.
  7. Multiple weapons.
  8. Possible even bossfights.
  9. A completely diffirent tileset and look to the game.
  10. A proper tutorial mode.
  11. Possibly even a multyplayer mode (keep in mind that this game has singleplayer in mind and if there will be a multyplayer mode it is something extra).
  12. Giving every enemy a special aspect to them that requires a diffirent fighting style so we can stop spamming enemies at the player.
  13. Balancing the difficulties.
  14. Much more ways to interact with the world.
  15. Adding story cutscenes.
  16. Shorter loading times, world generation can sometimes take a bit of time.
  17. Making it so you can't win the level in 1 second by doing nothing. 
  18. Language support.

If you have any ideas of your own put them in the comments down below.


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Oct 06, 2017

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